Large mosaic murals and installations, you can do it!


Many mosaic artist and crafters are intimidated by large mosaic installations, yet there is

nothing so exciting as seeing a beautiful large mural installed!

The trick is to know what surfaces you are going to be working on, is it going to be on an

 interior or exterior wall?   You need to decide what mosaic materials you will be using and

what adhesives will be the best for your project.

 If your mural goes outside in the weather use substrates that won't rot like wood

and use adhesive (flexible tile adhesive)  that can endure the weather conditions.

If it goes inside where there is no moisture then you can use any substrate such as

wood to work on.  For both inside and outside installations you can use fiber cement boards

also and for a permanent installation you can use fiberglass mesh to mosaic on

as I'm doing here.

My mural will be outside and I will be using a pattern underneath the fiberglass mesh

that I can follow  (or not),   I tend to use the pattern only as a start and change it as I go

but if you're doing a specific and complicated  pattern then you might want to

stick to your design.

Here is a photo of the mosaic mural that I'm doing for our shop in Parys.

  As I said the pattern is a starting point for me and I will add to it as I go.

 The only thing about large mosaic murals is that it takes time and as were busy preparing

for the move of the Parys shop to a larger premises next door, and also for Hobby X

coming up in March, it will probably take me  a while but I will keep you up to date with

any progress.


please feel free to send any comments and questions.