In this group, you will find a variety of alphabet shapes and sizes as well as numbers. Click on the quickview button of each group to choose the letter or number of your choice. If you prefer all the letters/numbers in one color only, then leave a note in the comment section when checking out.

In this animal group, you will find a variety of animal inserts like cats, dogs, bunnies, sheep, horses, cows, etc. If you don't find what you like here, look under "Farm Life" and "Wildlife" for more animals. All these inserts are handmade and painted, so they may vary slightly from the pictures.

Explore this Farm Life Group where you will find a variety of elements such as dams, windmills, houses, tractors, and animals to create your farm-style mosaic project.

Within this grouping, you will discover a diverse selection of decorative mosaic inserts showcasing a variety of birds, including chickens, roosters, geese, ostriches, and more. These decorative bird inserts can be incorporated into various pieces, whether you're creating a house mosaic or working on a landscape project. Your imagination is your guide as you explore the possibilities and let your creativity soar.

In this group, you will find variety of mosaic inserts featuring leaves, trees, mushrooms, foliage, grass, cactus etc

In this group, you will find a collection of inserts featuring butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and other insect-inspired designs.

In this group, you will find a collection of frogs, turtles, geckos, worms, lizards, and other mosaic inserts.

This group features a variety of suns, moons, stars, clouds, and rainbows.

Explore this group for cake, bread, and other food-themed tiles and inserts.