All the tiles, inserts, glue, grout, and wooden blank are included in these kits. We prefer to include more tiles than you might need, so depending on your nipping skills, you may have some leftover bits to use in another project. The ceramic tiles in our kits are 100% handmade, painted, and glazed, then fired to approximately 1100°C. They are not pre-nipped, so you will need a wheel nipper for basic mosaic nipping. If you would like to shape the tiles, such as cutting your own flowers, curv

All tiles in this kits are pre-nipped This kits are ideal for children or beginners who would like to do a small kit without having to cut and break tiles. Al tiles, inserts, glue and grout are included in the kit and all the tiles are nipped, ready to glue. Although it is always good to have a tool for nipping tiles you will be able to finish the project without it.