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Enjoy mosaicing the new bunny kit, now also available in a pre-nipped option. The kit comes with the wooden bunny, all decorated and mini glass tiles, glue, and grout. The standard kit comes with full tiles for those who enjoy the nipping process and love to cut and fit the tiles as you go. For this option, you will need at least a wheeled nipper, and a flat-mouth nipper can be handy to shape the ceramic tiles. In the pre-nipped option, all the tiles, including the border, are pre-nipped. With the pre-nipped border, it is easier to get a neat edge and achieve a more cohesive look. This bunny is quite easy to mosaic and is ideal for a beginner who doesn't want to invest in a nipper yet, or for older people or children who can't use a tool. However, it is always good to have a tool for nipping tiles here and there, though it is not an absolute necessity. This is a great kit for a creative birthday party or a similar event.